Skycrew circus arts η πρώτη σχολή σύγχρονου τσίρκο στην Καλαμάτα τέχνες τσίρκου παραστατικές

Terms and conditions of participation in the Aerial Acrobatics Retreat Kalamata 2023

1) Before signing up for the Aerial Acrobatics Retreat Kalamata 2023, make sure you have verified the travel dates, considered the costs and can afford both (you are responsible for any additional costs not listed on the retreat description page ), and have a valid passport if you are traveling outside your country.

2) Within one day of submitting your form you will receive an e-mail with payment information. To be able to secure your place you will need to make an advance payment of 50% within two weeks from the date you receive the payment instructions and the remaining 50% by June 30, 2023. The prices listed on the retreat description page are in Euros .

3) We do not offer refunds unless we cancel the retreat by June 30th. Your deposit holds your place and is used for all necessary actions to book it (hotel/tour reservations, videography/photography, etc.). In some exceptional circumstances, Skycrew Circus Arts may consider a refund, but this is decided at the time by our team.

4) We reserve the right to cancel the retreat at any time. However, under no circumstances will we cancel after June 30th except for reasons of “force majeure” including war, civil unrest, strikes, epidemics, natural and technical disaster, terrorist activity, unavoidable technical transportation problems, fire and extreme weather conditions. No compensation will be paid when the change or cancellation is due to Force Majeure.

5) It is your responsibility to have adequate travel accident insurance. Your insurance should not exclude any planned activities from the time of booking and for the duration of your stay.

6) Skycrew Circus Arts services and products may contain risks. By accepting the terms, clients acknowledge the inherent and potential risks of the retreat they have chosen. We are not responsible for any incidents that may occur that are beyond our control. Customers should be aware of the regulations and laws of the countries they are traveling to. We do not accept any liability for your personal injury, death or damage except in cases of gross negligence or willful misconduct on our part. You agree to pay for any damages you may cause to our facilities or equipment, our employees and any third parties who perform services for us.

7) We will not be held responsible for any theft or loss of personal items from our premises or vehicles. We will try to ensure the safety of your personal items, however we cannot guarantee this.

8) Workshops, sailing tours and professional photography/videography are offered by our partners. In no event shall Skycrew Circus Arts and/or its partners be held responsible for unsatisfactory conditions of any activity, including weather conditions, adverse climatic conditions or other natural conditions beyond our control. However, if possible, we will try to adjust the program accordingly to cope with any such circumstances.

9) We provide transportation services to specific destinations for your convenience. Your boarding of these vehicles is solely at your own risk. We are not responsible for death or personal injury caused by the use of this service.

10) If you have special needs or special medical conditions such as allergies, physical or mental disability etc. then please let us know before the retreat starts. We cannot be held responsible for any injury, death, accident or any other form of abnormality that may occur as a result of you not notifying us.

11) By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree that the personal information provided by you will be held in the Skycrew Circus Arts database. Skycrew Circus Arts will not sell or transfer such personal information to third parties. Skycrew Circus Arts may use your information for internal marketing, advertising or product/service offering purposes. We also reserve the right to photograph and videotape your participation in the activities at any time during the retreat and publish these photos and videos for marketing purposes. Finally, we also retain the copyright to the photos and videos that will result from Wednesday’s professional photography/videography.

We have created these terms and conditions to be clear and unambiguous. Through these we want to ensure that you have a great time and also everyone’s safety. With this in mind, we hope you understand our reasoning behind the above terms and conditions. By registering for the retreat you have carefully read, understood and agreed to ALL terms and conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact our team directly. Contact information can be found on the contact tab of this website.