Skycrew circus arts η πρώτη σχολή σύγχρονου τσίρκο στην Καλαμάτα τέχνες τσίρκου παραστατικές

Aerial Acrobatics Retreat Kalamata 2023 24-30 Ιουλίου

Aerial Retreat – General description: Experience an awe-inspiring week of aerial escapades, creative play, epic adventure, and simultaneous relaxation by joining our restless Skycrew Circus Arts aerial family. Nestled in the picturesque and serene surroundings of Kalamata, a coastal city in the Peloponnese, this retreat is designed for all levels of experience and is led by the renowned Kiriaki Baili, who will provide daily workshops in Aerial Silks, Rope, Straps, flexibility and handstands. Not to be missed are the unforgettable excursions, including swimming, sunbathing, touring and practising aerial acrobatics on a sailboat, videoshooting in front of medieval monuments, music concerts, an entertaining waterline jam and experiencing the beauty that Kalamata and the Messinian bay have to offer. Reinvigorate your soul with the sun and sea while developing your skills under the guidance of one of the best trainers in Europe.

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Η Κυριακή Μπαϊλη κρέμεται ανάποδα σε ένα εναέριο σχοινί. Kiriaki Baili is hanging upside down from an aerial rope

A few words about Kiriaki

 Yiaki (Kiriaki Baili) lived her early childhood years in Germany, later moving to Athens, Greece, where she still lives today. She has been practising aerial acrobatics since 2012 and started teaching in 2018 in various aerial acrobatics studios, workshops and seminars across Greece, passing on her knowledge and love for aerial acrobatics and dynamic transitions in the air. 

In 2022 she opened her own studio in Athens: Momentum Aerial Acrobatics. Her main disciplines are Aerial Rope, Straps, and Silks, while she also practises Static Trapeze, Handstands and Vinyasa Yoga. 

As a performer she has participated in numerous events and festivals in Greece, most recently the 12th Kalamata Street Festival, TEDx Lamia, the Handmade and Recycled Festival Athens, Bodytalk F/W Collection ‘22-23. Her video Aerial Straps – Bageion was featured in the SESC São Paulo International Circus Festival 2021, the Athens Video Dance Festival 2022 and the Akropoditi Dance Festival 2022.

Schedule of the Aerial Acrobatics Retreat Kalamata 2023

Monday: The day includes departure from Athens by car (pickup point Momentum Aerial Acrobatics, time 09:00), arrival at the hotel in Kalamata and Check-In. Then there will be a tour of the city of Kalamata and return to the hotel for dinner. This is followed by a swim at the city’s central beach and in the afternoon a three-hour workshop in the hotel’s garden.

Tuesday: The day begins with breakfast at the hotel and a three-hour workshop. Then the participants will board a sailboat that will head to the picturesque beach of Stoupa in Messinian Mani for a delightful swim. The sailboat will be properly rigged for aerial acrobatics over the water.

A woman doing aerial hoop over the sea

Wednesday: After breakfast, our sailboat will take the participants to the seaside town of Methoni. It will be followed by three hours of professional videography and photography of aerial acrobatics over the sea, with the medieval castle of Methoni as a background. The filming will also include drone footage.

Aerial view of the castle of Methoni in Greece

Thursday: Breakfast at the hotel and the day begins with a three-hour workshop. Afterwards, the participants will board our sailboat, which will take them to a special location in Akrogiali Avias, where they will have the opportunity to have fun trying Slackline over the water, but also enjoy coffee, food or drinks at the beach Bar Hobo.

Φωτογραφία Slackline από drone με τον Βαγγέλη Κρόμπα να ισορροπεί πάνω από τη θάλασσα της Μαντίνειας

Friday and Saturday: Both days start with breakfast and three-hour workshops, followed by lunch and free time until 20:00 in the evening. Next departure for the village of Aris Messinias, where the music concerts of the 13th Kalamata Street Festival will take place. At the Festival site there will be an aerial acrobatics rig, free for use during the concerts. The Festival program will be announced soon!

Panoramic view form a concert during the 12th Kalamata Street Festival

Sunday: The last day of the retreat begins with breakfast and Check-Out from the hotel. But before saying goodbye and leaving for Athens, there will be a last three-hour workshop in the hotel garden.

A girl doing aerial sling on an aerial rig at the garden of Vista Marina hotel

Summarized Schedule - Aerial Acrobatics Retreat

Description of the schedule of the Kalamata Aerial Retreat

Costs and services

The cost of the Aerial Acrobatics Retreat Kalamata 2023 is 999 euros (VAT not included) and includes:

1) Accommodation in a twin-bedded room at the Vista Marina hotel overlooking the Marina of Kalamata

2) Breakfast from Tuesday to Sunday

3) 5 meals as mentioned in the summarised program

4) Transportation to and from Kalamata

5) 2 snacks and water for the day of the videoshooting

6) The photos and videos from the day of the professional video/photo shoot

7) All trasportations except on Friday and Saturday during free time (14:00-20:00), unless the destination is decided unanimously by the participants.

8) All the workshops

9) The sailing tours and the use of the Slackline

10) The tickets for the Kalamata Street Festival and the use of the tripod

About the workshops

The 7-day retreat will offer a range of workshops aimed at providing participants with the opportunity to practice and expand their knowledge of aerial silks, rope and straps, as well as handstand and flexibility. Εργαστήρια εναερίων ακροβατικών:  

Aerial acrobatics workshops:

The retreat will begin with workshops focused on preparing the body for aerial acrobatics, including conditioning exercises to build strength and flexibility. Throughout the week, participants will have the opportunity to explore body movement in the air through a series of workshops designed to teach different techniques and styles of aerial arts. In addition, participants will have the chance to work on choreography, using the skills they have learned during the week to create a final piece. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced aerialist, this retreat will offer something for everyone, allowing you to take your skills to the next level in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Handstand workshop:

The workshop will begin with conditioning and mobility exercises to prepare the body for the handstand. Participants will focus on building muscle memory and mastering proper form for a strong handstand line. The workshop will also include other hand-balancing postures such as elbow stands and headstands to help overcome any discomfort of being inverted. This workshop offers a supportive and encouraging environment for participants of all levels to improve their handstand technique and develop their overall strength and balance.

Flexibility workshop:

Throughout the flexibility workshop, participants will engage in both dynamic and static flexibility exercises to help improve their range of motion. The workshop will cover the importance of having a strong and flexible body, and offer a variety of exercises that can be practiced independently. Participants will have the opportunity to learn techniques for proper stretching and mobility, which can be incorporated into their regular training routine. Whether you are looking to increase your flexibility or simply maintain it, this workshop is suitable for individuals of all training levels.